July 1, 2008

Overheard on Bowery and Stanton

Guy: I think it's over there.

Girl: I think it's over there.

Guy: Do you really want to go?

Girl: Not really.

Guy: Let's go back to the hotel.

Girl: Lets.

Guy: Where are you going?

Girl: To the subway.

Guy: The subway is over there.

Girl: No it's over there.

Guy: I'm sure it's over there.

Girl: Well I'm sure it's over there...

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07/01/08 07:30 PM

That sounds like my husband and me!

07/02/08 09:44 AM

Well, where is it then???

07/02/08 04:52 PM

jajajaajajajaja thats life!

07/03/08 08:15 AM

It is where the woman says it is and THAT is THAT.

07/03/08 10:52 AM

It's Beckett made real!

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