July 3, 2008

Hin Chua

While not all the images in the series work for me, I admire the ambition that goes behind a series with a title as grandiose as After the Fall. And many of the individual images do speak to me. I wish more photographers would try tackling such projects of impossible scale. Chua is Malaysian by birth and is currently based in London.

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07/03/08 09:50 AM

Definitely an ambitious project, but knowing the images and the guy, he is definitely the one for it!

07/03/08 12:52 PM

some images do work well together. ambitious but nevertheless, an interesting viewpoint.

btw, i think you meant malaysian, not maylaysian. =)

07/03/08 10:31 PM

That is such a cool picture! I love the one little lone man.

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