August 11, 2005


Conversation with a young man in Sertar.

man: Do you speak English?

me: yes

man: Are you from Meiguo (America)?

[Mei means beautiful btw. Meiguo means beautiful country.]

me: yes

man: In Meiguo every woman has large beautiful breasts like melons. Here women are flat like paper.

[at this point I was about to launch into discussion of how television might distort reality... that American women were no different than women anywhere else and that as far as I could see women here were semi-curvy... but then I thought, this poor guy is stuck here, why destroy the fantasy...]

me: In Meiguo we have magic water. After 2 months in Meiguo even the women here would have large beautiful breasts like melons.

man: Meiguo is the number one country on earth.

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08/12/05 08:06 AM

so sad even on the ends of the earth men will be boys

08/12/05 06:00 PM


08/13/05 11:31 AM


08/14/05 01:48 AM

Maleness...transcends all boundaries. So glad you didn't burst his bubble by mentioning silicone.

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