September 9, 2007

Dear Dr. J


Note this one one of three drafts discovered. Here's the text for those of you on RSS readers that don't show jpegs:

July 29, 1979

Dear Dr. J,

I think you are super! You are my favorite basketball superstar. I've got posters of you all over my room (My mom even got mad because I was putting too many holes in the wall). Around here most people like Moses Malone, not me though. I've always liked you the best. Between you and me I don't think Moses Malone is smart. I'd like to ask you for your picture and an autograph, and also for a little word of advice for a young basketball player. (If that's asking too much I'll gladly take an autograph. Dr. J, I think you are the best player ever. Someday I hope I'll be as good as you are (someday is a along time).


Raul A. Gutierrez

ps. I can't wait to see you next season. I hope you come in first place.

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09/09/07 09:40 PM

Yes, but, did you get an autograph?

09/09/07 11:58 PM

I did actually along with a note... if I dig it up, I'll add it to the post.

09/10/07 04:15 AM

i only pull out the word cute on special occasions. with that said, that is one cute little note.

09/10/07 01:34 PM

As one of the kids in your school who thought Moses Malone was so great, I have to concede that Dr. J was superior, and Moses was not so bright. Great blog and photos.

09/11/07 11:38 AM

Oh my. SO FUNNY. Did you write anyone else or was it just Dr. J. Do you still idolize him or was it a passing phase?

09/11/07 12:04 PM

I actually have drafts of many letters... most of them begin the same way:

Dear Vice President Mondale, I think you are super...

Dear Jimmy Connors, Super is a word I would use to describe you...

Dear Pam Dawber, I think you are super pretty...

Dear Kate Jackson, Everyone in Texas thinks you are super talented...

Dear Evel Knievel, Even though you haven't made a jump for a while, I still think you're super...

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, We've been studying your administration and I think you're doing a super job for the Canadians...

Dear Prince Charles, I think you have a super country... [later I asked how many crowns he had]

09/20/07 02:40 PM

Maybe the best letter I've ever read!

10/05/07 11:29 PM

Your letter really reminds me of "Last Days of Summer" by Steve Kluger. You should check it out if you get the chance, I think you'd like it..

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