September 10, 2007


For the last several months I've been working with my friends Jen Bekman and David Yee on a project called 20x200. 20x200 is a company that aims to change the art world. Sounds ambitious and it is. We're starting with getting high quality prints from fine artists and photographers out into the world in a way that makes sense for the artist, for the buyer, and for the gallery. We're in preview mode now, but starting next week we'll be fully launched, shipping prints, and introducing two new editions two per week... Please check it out and let us know what you think. We'll be tweaking and polishing based on your feedback... I have a feeling 20x200 is going to be a big deal.

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09/11/07 12:19 PM

A big welcome to 20X200, I've been very eager about this. The site looks wonderful. I have my creditcard ready for when one of your prints becomes available...

09/11/07 03:53 PM

You need to resize the image previews on the front-page. Right now my browser is resizing them and they look crunchy.

09/11/07 04:50 PM

any way you send a screenshot + browser/os info... we're not seeing that here..

09/18/07 12:18 PM

finally! i've been waiting for this exact formation to be done. how do artists go about becoming featured?

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