June 28, 2008

When You Talk To The Seaweed

While we were drawing monsters today, Raul Andres told me a story which I transcribed.

When You Talk To The Seaweed

A very long time ago when there were no dinasaurs there were people riding monsters. No, no, sitting on the monsters on their backs and they would help them with their arms. The people had no cars but a lot a lot of toys everywhere and they ate no monsters, just broccoli but when they were sick they ate vitamins. When they were hot they ate flies and dragonflies and when they were cold they ate bumblebees. When they were inside they ate straw but usually they ate food outside at nighttime like a picnic. But the monsters had no mouths and the people put food on their backs with their arms.

The end.

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06/29/08 01:05 AM

After reading you for a couple of months, I can say this with some authority. He sounds like a child of yours should sound. I loved his story.

07/02/08 06:26 AM

I think that we deserve to have some illustrations to go along with such a great story!

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