June 27, 2008

Carolyn Drake


2008 Lange Taylor Prize winner Carolyn Drake has been making beautiful photography all around Central Asia which is my favorite part of the world. Her pictures like no others I've seen from the area evoke the sights, sounds, and smells of the region.

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06/29/08 12:23 AM

You probably don't remember me but we met once in Artux in Xinjiang. Actually nonsense. Of course you will remember me how could you forget me and Aina and Helen? You helped me overcome my fear of street food and turned me into a goat skewer connoisseur (totally saved my life). My friend Helen who you might remember as the very tall girl with green eyes still brings up that night up on top of the teashop as one of the most perfect of that trip. I've been following your blog for a few months but couldn't find your email anywhere. Seeing this post made me feel such nostalgia and guilty for not saying hello and hiding in the internet wool Send me an email/phone number as I would love to catch up and to hear about your family (your kids are gorgeous). And I want to hear about Jennifer. I'm sure she is a wonder. I might be in New York for Christmas and will be upset if you do night invite me to meet your family.

07/01/08 06:51 PM

In my childhood, I had the same poster as the red one on the right side of the room...
how odd to be seeing it again.

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