April 6, 2008


Liz Kuball the photographer and blogger interviewed me the other day. The results are up on her site. Being interviewed reminded me that I need to get some new photography scanned and online. I have many projects waiting in the wings. Stay tuned...

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04/25/08 12:37 PM

I have to admit that I love yo blog but that the last thing I read, if at all, is the photo entries. No because I find them uninteresting but because everyone is doing it. I like the man far more than the critic.....and no matter how you say it, "you" hollered "howdy", not JP....

04/25/08 12:42 PM

dude, I did not say 'howdy', ask JP, he'll set you straight. I was wearing a cowboy hat though.

04/25/08 12:58 PM

JP, are you there?

04/25/08 01:01 PM

Hummm, sound more or less correct, anyway, doesn't matter, guilty by association.....

05/07/08 04:22 PM

Just realized this, I did not mean your photo entries, which reflect the man, the Raul, I meant the entries about photography and other photographers in general....I hope that was clear. Upon re-reading it, it seemed muddled....

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