April 6, 2008

A Three Year Old, A One Year Old and 5 Apples


posted at 12:53 AM by raul

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04/09/08 06:42 PM

yeah, we know all about thieving little people who snatch apples from the fridge drawer and eat about 1/16th of the apple. totally relate!! adorable image with a lot of story behind it :)

04/10/08 02:03 PM

my kids do this too and it drives me crazy! Do yours giggle maniacally as they nibble away.

04/10/08 11:49 PM

Did you take this picture at my house? I have a three-year-old who says "I'm hungry" and then proceeds to take just 3 bites of apple... then a few minutes later he says "I'm still hungry" and takes a new apple to eat it.

We planted the seeds from one of these apples outside our front door to "grow an apple tree." Nothing happened. But one day my husband sneaked outside and put an apple on the spot where the tree was supposed to grow. My son was thrilled!

04/14/08 10:39 AM

Orale, I never knew that pecked apples would create an entire story. Kind of reminds me of a phrase. I can't put my finger on the words. There must be like a thousand of them. I don't know. I'm just rambling now. All in all, superchingon!

04/15/08 10:12 PM

why is that the cutest thing?!

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