April 1, 2008

Thierry Girard


I'm a fan of Thierry Girard's work and of the way he presents it. I especially love the small maps he presents at the beginning of each portfolio which give a bit of context to the work. I've been toying with of doing something similar for a while, but was making the problem much more complicated than it needed to be.

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04/02/08 10:20 AM

nice spread of his work in the latest images magzine (french). thanks for the post.

04/04/08 12:45 PM

Raul, you mentioned maps in this entry. I thought of you when I received a copy of:

"You are Here:Personal Geographies and other Maps of the Imagination" by Katharine Harmon ( Princeton Architect.Press)

Hard to describe, but I'd bet my camera you'd love it.

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