April 6, 2008

Brooklyn Flea

Tomorrow marks the first Brooklyn Flea, which will be the largest flea market in New York.

And if you make it out to Ft. Geene say hello to my wife who will premiering some of the clothes she's created for her new venture 'Two Blue Cars: Shirts for Boys'. She'll feature shirts with diggers, cement mixers, garbage trucks, go carts and the like. The kinds of things little boys obsess over... so say hello.

If going for the flea market isn't your thing, go for the food, many of the regular Red Hook taco trucks (the best in town) will be feeding hungry flea folk.

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04/06/08 09:52 PM

Can we still get the shirts if we do not live in Brooklyn? My son turns three in a month and I can't drive by an excavator and not think look a digger?

04/07/08 12:12 AM

Jenn will soon have a website up with all of her company's shirts for sale. If today's sales at the Brooklyn Flea are any indication of how it will go she's got a hit on her hands. I'll of course announce the opening of her site here.

04/07/08 10:32 AM

this isn't a flea market, it just another version of a massive, hipster, soho-ish consumerism that's unwelcome in fort greene. if you really need to buy something to fulfill your sunday afternoon, go to manhattan. or go to park slope or dumbo or ikea, but please don't go to fort greene. we're a small quiet community, and we like to keep it that way.

04/07/08 10:55 AM

Ditto Tom's comments, I was out of town this weekend but I love the picture of the t-shirt your wife made! And my son adores anything on wheels, definitely let us know when her site is up or where we might be able to get some.

04/07/08 11:06 AM

Bill obviously is angry he seems to have googled the brooklyn flea and pasted exactly the same comment wherever it is mentioned. I've lived in Ft. Greene for 11 years /and I can tell you that the flea is very welcome. It was wonderful to see so many friends hosting tables and so many people from both inside and outside the neighborhood enjoying themselves. Comparing mom and pop vendors selling things like hand embroidered clothes, vintage books, and hand screened prints to Ikea is just ridiculous. Comparing Ft. Greene to Park Slope is also ridiculous. We're more diverse, artistic, and younger than people in the Slope. I thought the Flea was a good reflection of that. And as for quiet, when has Ft. Greene ever been quiet?

04/07/08 01:02 PM

Lilly, I couldn't agree with you more. I was the vendor next to your wife under the green tent, Bonbon Oiseau. The market was wonderful and the energy was high from the organizers, who have done this better than any market I've encountered yet. The vendors, neighbors and customers all seemed excited about it.
What an incredible opportunity for small business people, designers and purveyors of food and other goods living and working in Brooklyn to meet the people of NY's neighborhoods who help to grow their small businesses while purchasing great vintage and handmade goods.

04/08/08 04:19 AM

I used to frequent the local equivalent (a giant car boot sale) here in Edinburgh pretty much every Sunday until they closed it down due to fire hazard. A large part of my library comes from there. I miss it.

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