February 8, 2008

Werner Herzog on the Obscenity of the Jungle

Almost 2 years ago I linked to an audio clip of Werner Herzog ruminating on the jungle. I went looking for my post today and found a longer video clip on youtube instead.

Note whenever I'm bored with myself I mentally switch my inner dialog over to Herzog voice and suddenly I bore myself a bit less. I recommend this.

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02/08/08 07:40 AM

Have you seen "Grizzly Man" ? he's making the voice over himself in the movie ^__^.

This guy might be crazy (and so are his movies)... but wow, I don't think I have seen anything as incredible and stunning as "Fitzcaraldo" or "Aguirre" in my life (except 2001 a space odyssey).

02/08/08 10:39 AM

I love the part in grizzly man where he gives his take on the ultimate foolishness of grizzly man's endeavour... it's actually very similar to the clip above essentially saying nature is always neutral and unforgiving.

02/10/08 09:54 AM

Have you seen 'My Best Fiend'? This clip is included in it...
Anyways, it's a great documentary by Herzog about his relationship with Klaus Kinski, the star of a bunch of his movies, including the movie he is filming here, Fitzcaraldo. In 'My Best Fiend,' he uses this clip as a metaphor for his relationship to Kinski, so you can imagine how completely insane their dealings with each other were...

04/09/08 02:12 PM

haha i've been doing this myself for years!

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