April 17, 2006

Werner Herzog Recordings

I recorded a few bits from The Burden of Dreams Werner Herzog documentary for my ipod because there's no seriousness like German seriousness: Herzog on making art. Herzog on the jungle: Part 1 and Part 2. The sound level is low so you'll have to crank up the volume also note they take a few seconds to load up.

Elsewhere: Werner Herzog shot with an air rifle, The famous Werner Herzog eats his shoe documentary, Kinski on Herzog, and finally a gallery of stills from the official WH site. More information and fun trivia in his wikipedia entry.

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04/18/06 10:15 AM

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04/18/06 11:53 AM

Ha! This is so funny and timely to post!

Recently we've been walking around the house talking in a Herzog-like accent, commenting on the the mundane in the most apocolyptic tone we can construe, [conjering Herzog] "I do not see a bouquet of flowers; I see life harvested for our pleasure, cut down mercilessly, and left to die in a pool of water."

If you start talking like that, it's hard to stop.

04/19/06 02:53 AM

"I see planets that don't exist and landscapes that have only been dreamed." Herzog rocks, good post!

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