February 8, 2008

Pattern Recognition

One of the games I play with my 3 year old is to present him with images of family members when they were younger to see if he recognizes them. He recognizes his mother back into her childhood, his grandfather he sees only with a beard, and me he has no problem identifying after about the age of 16. Today I presented him with this image, a picture I found of myself circa 1992, taken while out backpacking.
I had a pretty full beard, was very skinny and to my eyes look barely unrecognizable, but my son was almost annoyed when I asked who was in the picture. "It's you daddy. You have a big beard, blue shirt, and a hat with a P. You are outside."

"Are you sure it's me" I asked.

"Yeah. Daddy it's you." Then he studied the picture a bit more, "But where am I?" he asked.

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02/08/08 05:40 PM

What a poignant and funny depiction of children, of how aware (and not aware at the same time) they can be...

02/09/08 03:10 AM

even I know it's you. So aren't you really touching on the issues about how we see our own selves thru many lenses
and that perhaps loved-ones know our faces better than we do ourselves because somehow they aren't living US but seeing us ...I know that sounds confusing...

02/10/08 11:47 PM

how delicious!! :)

i was watching the movie "sleepless in seattle", where an 8 year old character, jonah, after explaining some concept to his dad, while walking, says:

"The reason I know that and you don't is because I am young and pure, and more in touch with the cosmic forces."

LOL, i guess it isn't very related, but still, felt like sharing! :)

i have a not so secret theory that the reason why kids can't talk when they are born is because they know EVERYTHING, and would mess with the mechanics of the universe if they were to let us in on the secrets.

02/11/08 06:02 AM

You should show Raul Andrés a picture of yourself from when your nose was bright red and swollen up like a yam at high altitude in Pakistan (June/July '92, if I'm not mistaken).

02/12/08 08:07 PM

I just discovered your blog and I ate it up !!! I'm an artist, make and teach photography, a clear connection there, but find myself looking forward to your stories no matter what you're musing on... and I loved this one. Kiss that kid !

02/12/08 10:21 PM

you should have been there when raul andres was watching your wedding video the last time we were visiting mom. It was really cute -- I kept telling him it was before raul andres and he was a bit weirded out by it.

He also blurted out, "Jung!" when he saw paul...weird.

02/14/08 01:12 PM

i like what nancy said.

and you do beard well!

02/24/08 05:06 PM

I had a hard time recognizing that it was you, but I remember "Tony" from 1985 and doubt you'd have worn a ball cap back then.

I also like the "hat with a P" on it. Give him a few years before classmates, teachers and adults tell him how important that P is.

I'm glad I checked your site out again. Great blogs are hard to find, especially ones with great media as well.

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