December 27, 2007

Hiromi Tsuchida

hiromi tsuchida
Hiromi Tsuchida always included on the short list of great Japanese photographers for his books Hiroshima and Counting Grains of Sand. He's recently released New Counting Grains of Sand, a continuation of the original project. It's a delightful book and worth tracking down (you can find it on PhotoEye .)

If you don't visit Tsuchida's website for the photography, go for the 20 year timelapse of his head... I have a weakness for time based projects...

And if you happen to be in London you still have a week to see some of Tsuchida's prints in person. They are part of a show titled The Eyes an Island: Japanese Photography 1945-2007.

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12/28/07 12:46 PM

What is it with mustaches and Japanese photographers?

01/08/08 01:08 AM

dunno, but they wear them well don't they? in my mustache experiments I always ended up looking like a cop or a flasher.

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