August 28, 2006

Noah Kalina

A few weeks ago I urged Noah to turn his 6 years worth of photo-a-day's into a he's done it. The results are hypnotic...and a little bit sad. The video covers January 11, 2000 - July 31, 2006.

These are the original stills and this is Noah's excellent portfolio site.

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08/28/06 01:57 AM

Thanks for pointing this out. Really great.

09/09/06 12:16 AM

I think this was the first post that started an internet phenomenon. Hope that guy says thank you.

09/09/06 12:17 AM

forgot my link

09/09/06 12:18 AM

Why won't my link to my myspace page show up?! Now I'm angry!

09/14/06 11:30 AM

Thank you Raul.

09/14/06 01:48 PM

ha! None needed.

04/02/07 02:30 PM

it is a very neat project. the music envokes a sad feeling.

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