December 28, 2007

The Internet Giveth

20 year old clips featuring my wife. I plan on using the phrase "Drop the Monkey" often around the house.

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12/28/07 04:26 AM

"cash and prizes worth over 28-thou... hundred dollars!" awesome.
also: space camp??? *jealous.*

12/28/07 08:46 AM

it is a truth universally acknowledged that young Asian girls in search of game show fame must be in possession of a violin!

12/28/07 10:34 AM

wow. amazing. i can't believe jenn had this fascinating experience and i never heard about it.
she's even cooler than i thought.

12/28/07 02:13 PM

You married someone who went to Space Camp? I'm speechless. That's just way too cool.

12/28/07 06:26 PM

Now, now Jen, tell us a story about how you and Verhner von Braun..... really hit it off....

12/28/07 06:30 PM

and BTW, that other guy, that teammate of yours was totally worthless. lost in space camp.....

12/28/07 08:53 PM

You might not believe this but I remember that episode because I was in lust with your wife. You are now officially my hero.

12/29/07 09:44 PM


"cash and prizes worth over 28-thou... hundred dollars!"

haha, brilliant :)

12/30/07 01:38 PM

incredible- and yeah, totally need space camp as the next story in this saga . . .

12/31/07 02:33 AM

I love the bit at the beginning where the host has obviously jumped the gun a rehearsed bit.

Your wife as such a pro... her companion was dead weight!

Space camp. Wow.

01/02/08 06:41 PM

Oh my gosh no way!! I remember watching shows like this when I was a kid and being really jealous of the kids that got to go to space camp. I used to live near a space camp but couldn't go because it was expensive. To this day I'm still sad that I missed out haha. They still show these types of shows on The N from time to time :]

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