July 31, 2007

Happy Birthday! Love Mom

jenn34birthday.jpgMy wife had a birthday this weekend. This was the card from her mom:

First Daughter,

God loves you and God is blessing you all.
Pray things. You are always in my heart.


This cat reminded to me of you when you were 3 years old. Childhood.

You were so quiet and clever, smart! Happy Birthday!

Love mom

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09/05/07 01:58 PM

hah.. i wonder why this is.. all these korean moms are all so very religious.. well, i know.. but im going to pretend that it's mystery.

my cards also get peppered with usual multiple references to God.. pray as well with pinkest and flowerest card ever..

01/22/12 12:13 PM

Hi! Do you know who did the artwork on that? I'm looking for a style really similar to that for a children's book I'm writing!

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