July 30, 2007

What Summer Looks Like From Here


posted at 05:14 PM by raul

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07/30/07 07:31 PM

bottom row's my fave

07/30/07 08:56 PM

I feel it!

For my wall I would pick the 2 waves and the girl with her eyes closed (your wife?) in the middle...

Were you in the water for those wave pictures?

07/30/07 09:50 PM

Makes me want to go to the beach instead of today's assignment....
happy shooting,

07/31/07 12:05 AM

Is the bottom left the ferry?

I'd love to see some large versions somewhere.

08/06/07 03:07 AM

Wow. The arrangement is terrific, with the only close-up at dead center and the two waves at top-left and bottom-right. Also, great juxtapositions all around, with the center photo as fulcrum; I'm a sucker for symmetry.

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