July 31, 2007

Denis Dailleux

I first heard about Denis Dailleux from an Egyptian friend who said the photographer 'gets' Cairo like no other photographer she knows. Later I found a few of his images in the Aperture book Nazar: Photographs from the Arab World (more info on the Nazar show on the 2005 Fotofest site). Now I've finally found a few of his images online. While he has several portfolios of other subjects, Cairo seems to be where his heart lies.

Images can be found here, here, and here. Can't find his book anywhere...


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07/31/07 08:02 AM

Thanks so much for this post! I did not know about this photographer before, the pictures are absolutely amazing! I immediately ordered the book at www.chapitre.com, they have it on occasion for only € 10 (delivery to Germany where I live € 11). The website is pretty slow and you have to speak some French, so ordering takes some patience, but it might be of interest for you.

08/03/07 06:30 PM

Egypt's Coptic churches always have those amazing St. George Slaying the Dragon displays. Thanks for pointing out this phototgrapher for me and bringing back the memories of one of my best journeys.

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