May 7, 2007

Jessica Dimmock

Some of Jessica Dimmock's best photography is difficult to look at. Her photo essay on heroin addicts published last year in the New York Times Magazine (The 9th Floor) was as forceful as anything they've published in ages. Her website includes a complete set of images from that essay as well as essays on child workers in Zambia, a go-go dancer, and transvestites in Nepal amongst others. All are hard stories heartbreakingly well told..

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05/08/07 12:09 AM

That is some of the most surreal and beautiful work I've seen. I'm amazed.

05/08/07 09:35 AM

Right now the current flickr picture on this page is of your son which is sort of framed like this picture and also shows his bare chest. I can't stop looking back and forth at the beautiful innocence of that image, and the one above where pain is literally written on the body.

05/08/07 01:49 PM

My experience of looking at these series was similar to the experience of looking at the work of Nan Goldin or Larry Clarke... there is an undeniable beauty in these images of these tragic people and I feel guilty in admiring portraits of such obvious tragedy. Strange how luminous crushed souls can be, stranger still how we take an almost vampiric pleasure in watching the tragedy unfold from safe distances...

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