May 9, 2007

Haraboji's House


Jenn's grandfather turned 84 recently. He lives alone, but 4 of his 6 daughters are close by and at least one of them checks in daily. Since his wife died of cancer 4 years ago he makes vegetable juices. He uses lots of green peppers, tomatoes and carrots. "For good health."

Throughout his apartment you will find little newspaper clippings. Under the glass of the coffee table there's one that reads

Signs of Saltwater on Mars
Mars was once a warmer, wetter place, with flowing pools of saltwater, scientists reported. The findings provided new hints that life might have existed there...
Under the glass of a side table there's one about a flood in North Korea, and in the bathroom there's one about the disappearing bees. My favorite is an obituary of Lillian V. Oppenheimer. The headline reads"Lillian V. Oppenheimer, 93, Dies; Introduced Americans to Origami." He highlighted a quote from Oppenheimer in the article, "Why should the Japanese have all the fun?"

The picture he has taped on the wall near the phone was torn from a magazine. The image reminds him of his favorite daughter at that age. He has no pictures of her so young as she grew up during the war. The magazine image has been up on the wall for such a long time that he no longer thinks of it as someone else. "My daughter is beautiful," he always says.

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05/10/07 01:23 AM

Todays entry and pictures are exactly why I love reading your blog: you see and capture the world around you and in a few simple phrases illuminate the beauty of it all.

Thank you!

05/10/07 01:47 AM

Strangely, my family has the same telephone as he does. Beautiful photographs and wonderful words.

05/10/07 01:16 PM

Thank you Raul. I was stunned by the profundity of this little family story.

05/13/07 09:08 PM

Such a beautiful story.

05/17/08 10:07 AM

You have created such a poignant blog, that not only makes me feel feelings of sorrow but swell inside with happiness.

Such beautiful photos, i wished i had.

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