May 7, 2007

The Stuff of Dreams

The guy next to me on the plane studied Sky Mall for almost the entire 6 hour flight back to New York... some excerpts:

"Walk with the stride of a champion. Walk taller and with more confidence than ever!"

"Our BBQ grill light shines so brightly it's like cooking in daylight!"

"The remote controlled robotic hammerhead shark is fun for the entire family!"

"Without a doubt the best pet staircase on the market."

"The children's atm bank will provide hours of fun for you and your kids."

"My Dad was speechless and got teary eyed... he won't stop talking about his BEST GIFT EVER! The photograph really looks like an original painting on authentic canvas."

"Purchase two globes and have a nuclear faceoff so you can eliminate your opponents."

"Our socks with toes are a hygienic alternative to bare feet."

"You will feel like you can keep up with the best of the World Famous Secret Agents when you are wearing the Gravity Defying Shoe."

"Finally, a decorative cat litter box."

"If God is indeed 'in the details', this incredible eagle sculpture speaks to the American spirit!"

"Forget about digging or tlling, toss in our seed ball in the yard to plant an entire garden."

"In 5 minutes you too can take pictures like Ansel Adams"

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05/07/07 05:02 PM

only 5 min to become like ansel adams? reminds me of matrix. perhaps we could be programmed in a matter of 5 min and learn techniques that used to take a lifetime!

05/07/07 06:20 PM

Man, I love Sky Mall too. Provides loads of unintended fun. If you like "The Onion" like satire, check this book out as well:

05/07/07 07:41 PM

The thing about skymall it's almost beyond satire...

I suppose ansel adams is the only aart photographer known to the masses... can't think of any other photographer whose name could go there...

05/08/07 08:22 AM

I love the Skymall! At least 2 hours of transatlantic time-waste well spent -- catching up on America's world-beating abilities to think up, outsource the manufacturing of, market and buy any old crap. What's more, Skymall is the world's shop window for loopy small inventors -- at least the ones who succeed. Long live Skymall!

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