April 23, 2007

NY vs LA

Today was one of those glorious spring New York days where the whole city was compelled to venture outside. In my neighborhood people were sitting on their front steps listening to baseball on radio, having stoop sales, or just chatting. The streets were lively, the waterfront was dotted with sunbathers, and everyone, even people with good reason to be depressed, was in a good mood. Strangers kept nodding hello as they passed each other. I kept running into friends. It was one of those days that demonstrated my thesis that New York is more like a small town than most small towns. For all the talk of disappearing bees, the flowering trees of Brooklyn were positively buzzing... and as I was wandering about it struck me that today really demonstrated the difference between living in New York and living in LA. In LA days like this are a dime a dozen and pass without notice. Months and years fade into each other and end up like a dream you can't quite remember. When we lived in LA, I was always praying for rain.

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04/23/07 04:54 AM

what you describe here rings so true. I remember spring in New York when I was a young girl. I've never been lonely in NYC, there is always someone to talk to. Thanks for reminding me of those good feelings.

04/23/07 01:14 PM

Having moved to LA about when you were leaving for NYC, it's been interesting reading your comparisons between these two very different cities. What I've found enjoyable about LA: hummingbirds year round, mocking birds and Magnolia trees that remind me of Lufkin, an affordable apt in Koreatown, zipping down tree-lined 6th Ave, relishing New York-esque pizza at the Village Pizzeria, and delighting in rain when it appears. Though I miss lots of things about Chicago, LA is slowly finding its way into my heart.

04/23/07 03:51 PM

LA for me was about the private wonderlands that people built for themselves, those hidden circuses all over town... Because LA is a driving city there was so much I passed through but never experienced and because of that the city always seemed vast and unknowable. I see New York as a city of neighborhoods and blocks, places I walk through on foot, people I recognize... In NY the carnival is on the street, and in that way it often feels more democratic and easily accessible.

Don't get me wrong, I was very fond of LA after living there 10 years, but the relentless lack of weather got me down. Even so Jenn and I will often talk about how much we miss the birds outside our window that eased us into consciousness each and every morning...

04/23/07 04:05 PM

Hello, I randomly came across your blog and have enjoyed reading through it. i especially enjoy the varoius links to diofferent photographers links. I was wondering if you could tell me what camera(s) you use for your documentry work?

Thanks, Bernard


04/23/07 05:29 PM

I've also thought about this, re: seasons and memory. I never realized how integral the time of year was for remembering events, love interests, sadnesses, etc until I had been living in San Francisco for a while. SF occasionally has something that resembles a season (mostly there is just an Indian summer, the rainy season, springtime, and summer fog) but they all blend into one another. And because of that, it can be nearly impossible to place some occurrences into a timeframe. I often had to use my school schedule as a season replacement: "Oh, that happened when I taking that class with x teacher or about x subject, so it would have been at x time of year." Now I'm living in a place that has the benefits of mild weather, yet still has seasons. It's fall, and the leaves are changing... and I'm loving it. The weather is already having a much more atmospheric affect on my memories.

04/24/07 08:32 AM

Yesterday was truly amazing. The energy was thick, Prospect park smelled like fresh grass and the breeze brought it all together. Last night I visited a friend and we barbecued on his porch. While doing so we noticed other people across the yard/alley soaking up the weather. One couple began to remove their clothes and welcomed spring in the best way possible.

04/24/07 12:19 PM

I love the first few Spring days in the Northeast. It's amazing.

04/24/07 11:56 PM

@bernard: I mainly use a Nikon FM2 with a 24mm lens and a Mamiya 7 with a 43mm lens. I'd actually prefer to be a Leica/Hassablad guy but the funds never seem to work out.

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