April 20, 2007

Olivier's Kabul Video Log

My friend Olivier Laude just posted a video from his 2003 trip to Kabul. Much of the footage is shot through car windows, it's largely wordless, and nothing in particular happens, but through it you really get a sense of the place, or at least a travelers sense of the place. I recommend it.

Olivier is a photographer and web pioneer. He was one of the guys behind atlas magazine which was updated from 1995 to 1998. Atlas was one of the first great design/photography showcases online showing us how cool the web could be—sort of a proto-boing boing. It's taken the web 10 years to catch up...

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04/20/07 12:37 PM

This video reminds me of so many places I've traveled in South America and the Middle East...the kids following the foreigner, the odd juxtaposition of American music in a foreign landscape, but then there are the bullet holes and devastation and the woman in the bright blue burqa and you know it must be Afghanistan. As you say it gives you a real sense of what being there might be like. I wonder much has changed in the last 4 years or whether it would be largely the same today.

04/20/07 04:02 PM

Thanks for the video link. Blast from the past with the Atlas link. Like you said it was the best thing on the web for quite a while. I'm amazed it's still up (although parts of the site don''t work now).

You inspired me to look up people listed in the credits to see what they are doing now:

Olivier Laude : creative director (linked here)
Amy Franceschini : senior designer
Michael Macrone : implementation

multimedia by AirKing | Futurefarmers & Terbo Ted
copy supervision by Ken Coupland

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