April 24, 2007

List of Scary Things

by Raul Andres, 2 years 5 months

1. "Lobsters"
2. "Shower not tub!"
3. "Under big rocks, under."
4. "Scary tree, scary scary tree"*
5. "Big big lobsters"

*The scary tree:

"The scary tree" from Choo Choo by Virgina Lee Burton

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04/24/07 02:41 AM

He'll open the book to this page, imitate the "tree hands" and laugh nervously. He loves the scary tree picture so much that he sleeps with the book next to his head.

04/24/07 10:01 AM

I used to love that book too, but I think I used to try to skip that page as fast as I could...

04/25/07 12:00 PM

Wonderful book. Your son's comments, oh, delightful.
This is the beginning of his emotional intelligence; the more he understands his own feelings, the better to understand others.
He is lucky in his parents.

04/26/07 12:50 AM

Great illustrations in that book.

This blog is fantastic! A really great resource for other photography related stuff. I found you on another photoblog that had you linked. Great stuff.

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