December 31, 2006

Year of the Pig

My Korean mother-in-law apropos of nothing:

"You are soooo lucky. Your new baby will be a pig. Not any pig, special red pig, once every 60 year pig! Jenny is cow. I am mice. What year were you born....? 1967? Hmmm. You are sheep. Oh sheep not so good.... but you are lucky to have pig baby soon. I told people in my church and they say you are full of blessing. Some Koreans think pig year is so good thing they have two babies in one year. Really. Pig people get a lot of property, money. Everything. They are sooo lucky."

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01/03/07 08:10 AM

Raul, It's Paul. 2007 is not the year of the red pig nor does it come once every 60 years. 2007 is the year of the golden pig and it comes once every 600 years. This information is on the news weekly here in Korea. Given the special significance of a golden pig, I am sure that Koreans shall find a way to have two babies in a year^^

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