August 18, 2006

Mrs. Yunnisms

Conversations with Jenn's mom:

Jenn: Did you like Franz? [Jenn's former cat]

Mrs. Yun: Franz was ok.

Jenn: Come on mom you never liked Franz. You said you wished he would die because he looked "like man".

Mrs. Yun: Ok. Ok. I'll tell you. It's like this. In Korea people think cat has bad spirit. . . Actually all Korean people hate cat.
. . .
Mrs. Yun: Never sleep under fan. Sleeping under fan you can die. [she's a great believer of fan death] So terrible to die because of fan sleeping.
. . .
Me: It's really hot here again.

Mrs. Yun: Well you know, 'end of world' time. Anything is possible. Better go to church. What if you are left behind? Weather too hot!
. . .

Becky: Mom, Wrinkle jinkle isn't a word.

Mrs. Yun: Really?

Becky: It's just wrinkle.

Mrs. Yun: (long pause) Then what is a jinkle?
. . .

Becky: If you could be any animal for a day which animal would you be?

Mrs. Yun: Animal?

Becky: It's a game, just pretend.

Mrs. Yun: Oh I know. Poodle.

Becky: What - why?

Mrs. Yun: Because no one is mean to poodle. They give good food and brush hair and put ribbon in. It's nice.
. . .

Mrs. Yun: What kind of movie is this?"

Becky: It's Godfather. It's about gangsters.

Mrs. Yun: It's not about God?

Becky: No mom, that's God the Father, this is the Godfather.
. . .

Mrs. Yun: Raul. You should come to see play. It's amazing. There are animal and Jesus is flying.

Me: Flying?

Mrs. Yun: He is flying so much. Jesus can do anything.

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08/19/06 03:34 PM

hi raul-
justin and i had so much fun reading this!
reminds me of my dad (neapolitan immigrant).
my favorite mr. fierro-ism right now is the fact that he makes up names for everyone. there is a man at the end of the street he calls "grouch-man-dog" because a) my father can't remember names - especially american names b) he hates this guy c) the guy has a dog

thanks for making our day,

07/07/07 06:11 AM

Sounds eerily like my mom (also korean). One time my old roomate picked me up to go to college. My mom came rushing out and instructed me(being in the passenger seat - the Death Seat as she calls it) that I had to stick my legs and arms STRAIGHT out and brace myself when in an accident and therefore will somehow come out okay. When my friend asked, "What about me, Mrs Ahn?" Mom replies, "You have steering wheel."

07/31/07 12:31 AM

Oh my. This sounds EXACTLY like my mom. Thanks for the giggle.

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