December 31, 2006

My New Year's Resolutions, Age 11

1. Do more serious astronomy.
2. Cut more grass = Buy more records.
3. Build a pulley system in the fort.
4. Develop a network of hiding places.
5. Learn 6502.
6. Run more.
7. Hit some home runs!
8. Study the Aztec and Olmec civilizations.
9. Take black and white pictures of everybody.
10. Write down funny things that happen.

December 31, 1978 10:32PM

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12/31/06 08:46 AM

Cut more grass = Buy more records - I can so identify with that. And in the winter it was Shovel more sidewalks = Buy more records. One snowy day I made a whopping $20, which worked out to roughly 5 or six albums.

On the other hand, your geekiness beats my geekiness hands down. Learn 6502 -- at age 11! Yikes.

12/31/06 11:54 PM

Dear Raul,

Thank you for the best New Year's blog I've read!

Hope it's o.k. that I quoted you:

All the best to you and Happy New year!!!



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