October 20, 2004


My desk is still cluttered, but this will end soon. In two days I vow my office will be organized.

A couple of years in and I still enjoy the Mirror Project. I've posted a bunch of stuff on there over time.

My Directv audio/video keep falling out of sync. Especially annoying when tivoing.

I have to stop pulling all nighters. They leave me feeling miserable.

Nikon D70 owners, I highly recommend you use a card reader as opposed to using the default USB cable. If you use the default USB cable the camera battery drains quickly. If you use a card reader (I found one by eFilm for about $15 online), the battery can last up to several weeks on one charge.

Three random songs recorded from old records playing at this location at around 4:30am: Karl Denver, David Kaonohi, Lydia Mendoza.

I like this new keychain device that turns off airport and restaurant TVs.

Brooklynites might be interested in this story of some folks canoeing the Gowanus Canal (brave souls).

These blogs/sites have caught my eye recently:


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10/28/04 01:26 AM

thanks for the links.. more please

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