October 18, 2004

The Wire

I just watched several Tivoed copies of The Wire. Is it just me or is this season a bit weaker than last season? I continue to think it's one of the strongest shows on television and still love the characters, but the hook just isn't there for me... at least not yet.

Of note around the web:

If you know what RSS is, you'll find this article interesting. If you've never heard of RSS, don't bother.

A new version of Windowshade (which I swear by) is out. Too bad it doesn't include minimized windows in Expose. I've been waiting for this feature for months....

Kayak.com is a new meta-search travel site. It gathers info from many other travel sites in one convient, ad-free, window. Clean friendly design. Let's hope it stays ad-free. I prefer the HTML version of the site to the Flash version. Why even bother with flash these days?

The Tamil government says that the bandit Veerappan is has been killed. I've been following Veerappan's exploits for years. The man had one hell of a mustache.

If you are fascinated by la lucha libre, Mexican gangs, and punk rock you should check out Locas: A Love and Rockets Book a collection of work by Jaime Hernandez.

David Hillard is a photographer with a good eye. He uses a technique I like to use myself (taking photos at intervals and then putting the images next to each other to capture a sense of time).

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10/19/04 01:43 AM

Hey. When's the baby due? I've been following your blog and am ready for baby pictures. I'm due in February. Our child, a girl we are told, will also be KA. Looking forward to see what yours looks like. Do you miss K-town in LA? We're talking about moving to CT or NJ but the lack of good K grocery stores is a consideration. Is your wife finding good kimchee supplies?

Hope (Echo Park)

10/19/04 01:13 PM

Well, that's a bummer. I was hoping someone could go into that 'chat' not knowing much about RSS and end up coming out with a pretty good feel.

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