October 22, 2004

Sea Cucumbers

A long time ago Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom did a show on sea cucumbers. I remember Marlon Perkins saying there are more of them then there are of us, and that they move across the ocean floor in herds scavenging for fish leftovers falling from above. Sometimes on quiet nights I'll lie awake and think of them moving like silent buffalo across the ocean plains always on the lookout for their enemies the sea turtles and, in their quiet moments, wondering about the world beyond.

posted at 04:36 PM by raul

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10/27/04 10:42 AM

now you have me thinking about sea cucumbers... silent buffalo...hahaha

01/17/05 03:14 AM

i like your thoughts...keep 'em coming.

fastkitty in SF

05/01/05 05:18 AM

Ditto the above, except, I'd definitely have a crush on you. :)

05/01/05 05:21 AM

Lovely little starter to possibly a short story or something. Or a short short or prose poem.

*Jenn & baby Raul are certainly very lucky to have you. :)

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