May 20, 2011

Excuse me while I rock out to the Ponchobo Electric Ensemble and The Wangjaesan Light Music Band

Want the inside scoop on the North Korean music scene? Check out this this fascinating series of articles by the Guardian collectively titled Pyongyang goes pop.

Related: Music for Maniacs offers an entire album's worth of North Korean tunes.

More North Korea Links: Russian Student in Pyongyang, North Korean Children Playing Changgu, North Korean Stop Motion Animation, North Korea Uncovered (a Google Earth file to heavily annotate the map of North Korea, North Korean Soliders Taking Snapshots, and (my favorite) Kim Jong Il's water slide

Ok. Ok. Just one more.

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05/27/11 06:59 AM

I think you might like this wonderful gallery of DPRK 'industrial representatives' released by People's Daily to commemorate Kim Jong Il's visit to China:

My favourite? The nurse.


05/27/11 12:58 PM

Those are Charlie Crane's images from his "Welcome to Pyongyang" series. They're super. I love that they show officially sanctioned scenes and yet are so revealing in their emptiness.

05/28/11 01:42 AM

Aha - couldn't find a reference to the photographer, so thanks for pointing out the attribution.

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