May 18, 2011


This photographer hails from Chongqing, shoots 6x6, and goes my the name Mirocn. You'll have gleen the rest of the story from the photos themselves.
(via hanna)

p.s. This photographer's work reminds me a bit of 木格's (Mu Ge's) work who is also from Chongqing. Friends? Do they influence know each other? Maybe even the same person?

Are there any Chinese photographers out there who can shed more light on on the great work coming out of these Chongqing natives?


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05/19/11 03:30 PM

Looking at those pictures made me think of Eri Marita, a Japanese / American photographer. She has this great series called the home drama. Check her out at

05/19/11 04:31 PM

Like those Marita pictures but don't really see the connection... but that's the nice thing about photography... you make your own connections.

06/09/11 09:15 AM

This gallery may interest you, it's here in Tokyo , and shows Japanese and Chinese work...

They had a nice show by Mu Ge a while back.


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