March 28, 2010


A few months ago photographer John Maloof discovered a huge cache of photographs and negatives (many unprocessed) by an unknown Chicago photographer named Vivian Maier. It was an incredible find and a great story. I've been following along ever since and eagerly look forward to John's updates of Maier's work. A few recently rediscovered images:




Want learn more about the photographer? She now has a wikipedia page.

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03/29/10 01:49 AM

Incredible. To keep your work a secret until you die is amazing. I don't think anybody does that with anything anymore.

03/29/10 02:55 PM

i thank you for sharing this and all the others

12/08/11 12:13 PM

I missed this one !

I emailed the gallery to price one of her self-portraits, it's the self-portraits I like so much. There is something about her life history that moves me. There is an innocence in her work and lack of agenda.

Thanks, Raul.

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