March 26, 2010

Mac Icons Circa 1985


Just discovered this Macpaint file collecting screenshots of various early Mac icons (some finder icons, some in-application icons, some resedit icons). Most are circa 1985, although several are later. 10 points to the person who can name them all.

Need a cheatsheet? Check out the insanely detailed Vintage Mac Museum which not only has icons, but also houses screenshots, of many — but not all — of these apps.

Want the story the sad mac icon's birth: Read here.

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03/26/10 06:01 AM

Ah, the good old days when at least you had a consistent color palette in use.

03/26/10 07:25 AM

I'm sad to say I recognize the Sad Mac -- and I vividly remember the accompanying chord. I also see MacPaint, the ImageWriter, and a few others including Resedit's Jack-in-the-box icon (or is it?). And is that Pepsi Caps, upper right corner?

03/26/10 09:19 PM

Wow. Major blast from the past.

The R is Rmover Resedit's precursor.... Then there's Alice, Andy Hertzfeld's Pepsi (like the tiny A and H in the title.... Photomat is the early photoshop icon, Lunar lander..... Is the horse Sargon. Truck is Hex Dump. Grim reaper was something you would see poking around in Resedit. Was the maze called Busd out? The stars one is one of the early C programs. Servant! Crystal is crystal quest. Loved that game!

04/03/10 12:45 AM

Wow. Who knew icons could be so evocative! Brings me way back!

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