August 14, 2009

Jason Florio

Jason Florio's portfolio site is full of top notch reportage. The image above is from a set titled Beijing Artists. I also especially like a set he titles "The Poets of Bagdhad". He writes in his bio:

"Over the past nine years I have been arrested by the Taliban and enjoyed a tea with them, I have ridden into far-flung Afghan valleys in search of nomads with mujahideen as my security, dressed as a woman to cross a border, was at the foot of the Twin Towers as they collapsed, enjoyed the ‘comforts’ of a Cuban hospital, hunted bats in Surinam, chatted with Somali pirates over Coke and biscuits and danced like a fiend in Beirut nightclubs…..........among other things."

That's about what I expected from the photos.

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08/24/09 02:25 PM

Nice work which contrast strongly against the vividly un-populated and unemotional vision of the majority of photographers working today...I had heard of him but never really seen the work. Glad to seen that there are still great journalists out there... Let's hope he doesn't get snapped up by Nat Geo and forced to publish his worst work...

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