August 25, 2009

Adventures in Hair

Photo 1
1. Koreans of a certain generation/ilk dye their hair into their 80's. It's normal, like cutting your fingernails. So anyone with grey hair, especially anyone under 50, at least in the eyes of this group, looks a) ancient b) ungroomed to the point of being disheveled.

2. My mother in law is Korean and of this certain generation/ilk.

3. For almost a decade she's been urging me to "Look younger. Feel better."

4. For a recent family wedding I decided to make my mother in law happy.

5. And that is how I found myself in the Jung Won Beauty Salon. The dying procedure was observed by my mother in law, her father, her sister, her sister's husband, a Pastor, and a couple of kids.

6. Afterwards:

Mother-in-law: "You look sooo handsome now. Not like old man. Before you look sooo old."

Grandfather [laughing]: "Before you were older than me. Now, not so bad."

Mother-in-law's sister: "Yeah, you looked terrible. This is so nice."

Pastor Shin: "I really like the reddish color." It looks great!"

7. I forgot to mention that the hair lady decided to make my hair an unnatural looking dark red color. Yup.

Photo 2

1. After 3 weeks of hiding under a baseball cap, the correction.

**What I actually looked like 20 years ago vs normal me

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08/25/09 12:40 PM

I was ultra curious after reading the leadup on twitter a few weeks ago which had me and my roommate giggling. I know you hated the results, but it's really not so bad! Nice crew too!

08/25/09 04:45 PM

You chickened out with B/W. I want to see full ginger raul. Chuckle chuckle.

08/26/09 11:31 AM

They must care for you very much else, their comments would never have been uttered with such candidness. Show the red!

09/04/09 04:19 PM

Good ol' Asian tact :) I think I'm finally getting to the point where I don't take it personally anymore and can laugh it off.

I recently had my hair colored in a salon and I think I might be sporting the same unnatural ginger as you. I feel like I should be in the X-men.

You're a handsome man either way. This website is like chicken soup. Love it.

09/23/09 06:27 PM

Raul! You crack me up. The red wasn't THAT bad. I think you look weird with dark hair, too. You should have been born with gray hair.

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