December 25, 2008

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa Claus,

I miss you. Why are your presents so beautiful? Why do you... why do you...why do you live in the North Pole? I want you to live closer so we can be friends. I had a very good idea, I would like to give you a Christmas present. Maybe a guitar. I hope you like it.

Raul Andres
Age 4 and 17 days
Dec 24, 2008


a few hours later:


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12/25/08 04:02 AM

Thank you Raul, I wish you a Merry Christmas.

12/25/08 04:11 AM

You are a very generous boy; the food was delicious. It kept me warm inside all the way to Maine.

12/25/08 07:55 AM

Dear Raul Andres,

I miss you too.


12/25/08 09:02 AM

Dear Raul,

I loved receiving your letter. It made me even happier during Christmas! I miss you too. Maybe you and your brother can hug each other very tight and think of me!


Santa Claus

12/25/08 12:45 PM

He has a generous heart. One cannot ask for a better quality in children.

12/27/08 11:23 AM

what an amazing kid. i love the cityscape - he even got the traffic down pat!

12/30/08 11:52 PM

Aaw, so sweet. Curious, what did Santa bring them this year?

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