December 23, 2008

Debbie Fleming Caffery


While browsing the brand new Radius Books website I came across a a photographer named Debbie Felming Caffery whose work I did not know, but now feel I should have known. She's a super story teller. The images above are from a portfolio titled Night Life in a section of her website titled Other Worlds.

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12/24/08 11:09 AM

Thanks for putting my images on your web site....

Your site is so interesting.....
I am about to put a section about my family on my site and You have inspired me!

Happy Holidays...
Debbie Fleming Caffery

01/01/09 09:43 AM

I've known Debbie and her work for about 15 years. I know that you are going to enjoy following her from now on. And yes she is an amazing story teller.

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