November 4, 2008

Eris Yo

One of the special thrills in photography is coming across a photographer who has travelled some of the same roads you have travelled, looking at their images, and saying 'I have stood right there, I have seen those things.'

I know nothing about Chinese photographer Eris Yo's life, but I know we've walked some of the same paths, and I love the way she's seen things along the way.

If navigating her website is too abstruse, you can find more of her work on flickr, and on her blog (written in Chinese).

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11/05/08 08:35 PM

Great find. Her website wasn't hard to navigate, I had more trouble with the blog! But, there you go. My favorite photo was from the corners series of the yellow bowl in the corner. Some things they just unexpectedly reach out and grab you.

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