October 30, 2008

Sarah Stolfa's Regulars

I was thumbing through a months old copy of the NY Times Magazine in a doctor's office this morning and happened upon Sara Stolfa's project titled The Regulars which documents the patrons of McGlinchey's tavern in Philadelphia (where she worked as a bartender). It's a fascinating study in loneliness.

Stolfa was also in the band The Delta 72 (now defunct). She played organ. How cool is that?

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10/30/08 02:06 PM

There was a documentary done called Terminal Bar


What was great about this, was that the bartender pointed his Spotmatic at the regulars over a 10+year time frame and really showed the change in clientele.

Plus, there are some great portraits in it.

10/30/08 02:09 PM

10/30/08 02:18 PM

RIP Delta 72.

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