October 30, 2008

Abe Lincoln in Person


Overheard at Gray's Papaya yesterday afternoon and transcribed practically verbatim:

"I keep having these dreams about Abraham Lincoln. He's sitting on the couch in his top hat and everything and we are talking about my problems with Susan. He keeps telling me not to worry, "Mary was worse, you know." And then after he gives me some real wisdom on the female mind, I start thinking about everything going on in the world, and I think, 'Holy shit why don't I ask Abe what to do'. And it's like he's reading my mind... he turns to me and says, "Don't worry we've been through worse." And then he hugs me and I think, 'Abe Lincoln hugged me. He smells like Old Spice.' I ask him who he supports in the election, and he smiles and says, "Believe it or not you're the first person who's asked me that this year; of course I support Barack. These so called Republicans remind me of Copperheads." And then he laughed sort of sad a deep ha ha ha laugh and I woke up. This dream had me so jacked up I couldn't sleep. I just kept beta-ing it over and over. I literally couldn't sleep. I saw him. I smelled him, he felt real. His jacket was scratchy. His hat had a worn rim. It was the middle of the night and I was pumped up and freaking out so I Wikipediaed the Gettysburg Address and recorded a version of it to a beat and then, get this, I REMIXED IT. I remixed the freakin' Gettysburg Address. This is either the greatest thing I've ever done or a total fucking disaster. I can't tell yet."

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10/31/08 10:39 AM

Only in New York. I love it. I want to hear the remixed Gettysburg Address and I also want good old Abe in my dreams. I'll bet you anything though that he smells of pine needles, not Old Spice.

10/31/08 08:50 PM

one of the funniest things of the decade! hahaha! :)

11/01/08 09:18 PM

Man, that puts my dreams to shame. Now I'm off to google Gettysburg address re-mix.

11/03/08 11:27 AM

Just saw this link for The Association of Lincoln Presenters and thought you would enjoy the photo. http://lincolnpresenters.net/

11/03/08 12:13 PM

Thanks Julia, that's fantastic!

11/04/08 04:19 PM

Poor guy thinks Lincoln had a deep voice

03/04/10 06:41 PM

he smells like cinnamon, i actually caught a whif of him once

10/15/12 09:09 PM

gosh, Raul, I think you have a career here as a stenographer to the masses. What a gem.

Somewhere there is an account by Hawthorne about the time he visited Lincoln in DC. Hawthorne was a snob, I think, and his dismay at seeing Lincoln in his slippers and scruffy is a classic. And Lincoln made him wait or else was too relaxed to turn up on time.

You would like the Ai Weiwei exhibit in DC..

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