September 4, 2008

September 4th, 1994


"Message to my future self.

You were at Silvercup Studios tonight. It had been a long shoot and nothing much was going according to plan. When the director wrapped you walked up onto the set, a beach scene, took off your shoes and built a sand castle when nobody was watching. In the car home you passed a bar and remembered they had a photobooth. The place was closing up, but you decided to tell the driver to stop. You got out and made this series of pictures.

At home you have three varieties of tomato plants on the fire escape (Green Zebras, Black Krims, and De Pintos); all are in full bloom. You will eat tomatoes like apples before you sleep.

Lately you have fallen into dreams in which your room falls away and you are out under starry mountain skies.

You see beauty all around. Maybe you will read this in 2004 and think it naive. Maybe you will forget it or lose it. Maybe you will read it and remember what it was to be alive on this day.

-September 4th 1994."

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09/04/08 03:44 AM

how lovely.

09/04/08 11:05 AM

From reading your blog I know our paths should have crossed several times before I moved back to Sydney. I wish I had known you back then. I think we would have been friends.

09/04/08 12:02 PM

You have a gift with words. There is no doubt about it. Y tenes ademas una sensibilidad singular. Lindo escrito. Gracias.

09/04/08 07:14 PM

I love the idea of writing to one's future self, which also implies a future audience; a double mystery.

09/05/08 06:05 PM

Thanks for sharing this, Raul. Just awesome...

09/05/08 09:21 PM

your note to your future self fell on my birthday. neat.

09/07/08 11:24 PM

I wish my notes to my future self were 1/100th so lovely. The majority of the ones I've unearthed were penned in high school during some angsty time and have mostly left me writhing in mortification. Maybe I'll take a lesson and pen a nicer one to my 2018 self now.

09/09/08 03:09 AM

Saludos de viena

10/06/08 01:42 PM

very inspiring..

10/09/08 05:02 PM

beautiful. made my afternoon.

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