August 27, 2008

Just imagine the editorial meetings


posted at 01:17 AM by raul

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08/27/08 06:01 PM

Oh, I used to walk past that door every day when I took my daughter to B H Montessori! Though it looks like it's been recently painted...

08/27/08 06:07 PM

It's probably just the Kodacolor Gold and afternoon light talking... the picture is a bit more saturated than the actual door.

08/29/08 12:50 AM

Finkleman: "Bravo! Well done! See this show"? This is a rave? Where's the emotion? The passion? The sex? We don't write pretty good reviews, we write RAVES! Every one has to be a home run, Everest scaled, the girl won. Step outside your miserable little life and LIVE my friend. LIVE!

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