September 14, 2008

Madeline and the Bad Hat Summarized or Why We Love Madeline

Plot summary of Madeline and the Bad Hat:

-The Spanish Ambassador and his family move in next to Madeline's boarding school.
-The son of the Spanish Ambassador, Pepito, starts to terrorize small animals (and the girls) with his slingshot.
-Pepito dresses up as a bullfighter and invites the girls to see the animals he has trapped from around the neighborhood.
-The girls refuse his invite. This sets him off on a mini rampage.
-The headmaster of the the girls school gives Pepito a toolkit in the hopes it will calm him down.
-He builds a guillotine and starts beheading chickens.
-Later he puts a cat in a bag and takes it out into the countryside so the cat can be attacked by a pack of dogs.
-Pepitio manages to get mauled himself but is saved in the nick of time by Madeline (she also saves the cat).
-A bandaged and repentant Pepito becomes a vegetarian and is so reformed he starts freeing animals from the zoo.
-The girls all love Pepito now and they watch him in his pajamas (and he them) through their adjoining windows.

Children's books are better weird.

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09/15/08 09:05 AM

I love this summary (and the Babar). Funny how the best children's books are the ones with a bit of edge! I particularly remember loving this one although if you were to have asked me what it was about as of yesterday I couldn't have told you. I hope to read these to my kids some day.

09/17/08 05:32 PM

Raul, is there anyway that you could set up a bedtime web cam, or interactive website so that the rest of us could be read to by you ?
I would be willing to get into my pajamas on time whatever the time zone....

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