September 9, 2008

Ferit Kuyas



In 2007 at Review Santa Fe I got a chance to check out a new body of work by Ferit Kuyas. The project, a series he had been working on for some time on the city of Chongqing had just been renamed City of Ambition, a play on the iconic Steiglitz body of work documenting New York's rising skyline. The images stuck with me and I've come back to them many times. There are scores of photographers trying to capture a rising China, but Kuyas has a poet's feel for the place. His images feel like Chongqing to me. Anyway I wanted to report that Ferit's website has recently been revamped and he now has a full set of images from this epic project online. Even better, if you happen to be in London, you can see his beautiful prints in person at Photofusion where he has a solo show running. Also he will be speaking at the gallery on September 18th.

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09/09/08 07:53 AM

Extraordinary images of epic transformations. And yes, poetic.

Photofusion is just down the road from me. Thanks for the reminder. I'm on my way...

09/09/08 05:58 PM

I love the images you find and post. I especially love that first one.

09/10/08 06:54 PM

I agree with thrilled by the thought. There is something about the first photo that just makes it stand out. I think it is quite beautiful. I'll go over to his site and check it out.

09/10/08 09:54 PM

Thanks for the heads up on the typos Milena.... this is the danger of posting things at 3am!

09/11/08 02:07 PM

Pretty good for 3am nonetheless. My pleasure.

09/14/08 09:50 AM

Gorgeous images, brings back good, and mixed feelings...jogging or biking through similar landscapes elsewhere in China, I'd inevitably find the construction projects obtrusive and harsh from afar, but not-at-all daunting once you get close and feel all the human energy buzzing around.

on a related note: have you seen "Up the Yangtze"? It's beautiful and extremely well-made.

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