July 9, 2008

Kate Orne

It's hard to image a more hostile working environment for a Western female photographer than a Pakistani brothel, and yet photographer Kate Orne has managed to make a series of compassionate even tender photographs in red light districts there. Powerful stuff.

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07/10/08 04:08 PM


07/10/08 04:36 PM

Besides being simultaneously beautiful and terrible images, the text hits you over the head like a sledgehammer. Thanks for pointing this out. Yours is one of the few websites I read totally religiously and the one that provides the most brain and heart food.

07/13/08 08:57 PM

ditto on the wow. though the styles are different, this series affects me a bit like the photos you mentioned previously on your blog by Jessica Dimmick. thanks for the post.

08/05/08 04:28 PM

Thanks for including my work on your site!
FYI the show at Jen Bekman runs 8/8 - 8/23/08.

All the best,

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