July 6, 2008

Adrien Missika

Adrien Missika's portfolios hold many haunting landscapes both real and created as well a few super looking limited editions books (Less interesting are the portfolios of natural history museum-like backdrops which have become the new parking garages of photography). I like that Missika prints small as I'm a fan of the intimacy of small prints, but some of these would be spectacular large. No? (via Ned in Toronto who wrote, "You are going to love this guy.")

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07/07/08 12:36 PM

Funny, I posted an entry about him a few days ago, too! Thanks for including me among your reads and thanks for your work!

07/07/08 02:04 PM

Funny I looked at that post a few days ago and didn't register the name, but really liked the image of the sun. And two other emails came in from friends about seeing Missika's work on other photography blogs. Sounds like this guy needs a NY show and soon!

07/30/08 03:15 AM

indeed, adrien missika is a brilliant artist ! amazing work, thanx for sharing !

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