June 12, 2007


When I was in college I interviewed Roy Lichtenstein for a paper and during the course of the interview we started talking about landscapes, specifically oceanscapes, "You know what picture of mine everybody loves, even people in Kansas?" he asked.

"Girl with Ball", I ventured?

"Not even I like that one any more. No. The painting everyone loves isSun and Sea. Do you know why? Because everybody wishes they could live by the ocean and it's easy to put a picture of the ocean in any room in the house. [chuckles] My advice to new artists. 'Do you want to sell paintings? Paint the ocean.'"

robertdphillips.jpgRobert Phillips

michaelweselyseascape.jpgMichael Wesely

HiroshiSugimoto.jpgHiroshi Sugimoto
(Be sure to click around the Sugimoto website put up by the Hirshhorn for this exhibition. It includes some nice podcasts with the artist.)

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06/12/07 10:21 PM

Not that I assumed I was overly original in this sort of shot but it is a favourite of mine. There's something for me about lining sea and sky up in equal parts in the viewfinder.

Here are a couple of mine: approach and pacify

06/13/07 06:51 PM

are they are or just exercises in style

06/13/07 06:59 PM

I went to a Sugimoto show while I was in Edinburgh a few years back. At first I thought they were sort of boring and didn't understand them (and do not necessarily still), but as I looked at them they sort of entranced me. They are so calm.

06/27/07 10:48 PM

here's another photographer doing the same thing.

03/01/09 02:43 PM

thx for your thoughts! greez from lake constance (last pictures): http://blog.rebell.tv/p11072.html

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